Slack’s design is not secret sauce(

over 6 years ago from Ian Goode, Designer & Developer at Axonista

  • Spencer RirieSpencer Ririe, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

    I do agree that Stewart was in a very unique and favorable position to launch a product in this category. Marketing and execution are vital to the success of any startup. But imagine he approached the WSJ with an app that had the same enterprise dinosaur look and feel of '2013 HipChat', would Slack have had the same reception? (Food for thought).

    Hats off to the team at Atlassian, their product has improved by leaps and bounds since the introduction of Slack. Take a stroll down memory lane via the web archive to see how much their design approach has changed in the last two years.

    Design can easily be defended as the tipping point / secret sauce.

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