Slack’s design is not secret sauce(

over 6 years ago from Ian Goode, Designer & Developer at Axonista

  • Andrew WilkinsonAndrew Wilkinson, over 6 years ago

    He makes some great points, but I certainly wasn't trying to imply that design was the only factor in Slack's success. I certainly touched on design, but most of what I talked about was copywriting, build quality, interaction, and the other ways that Slack set itself apart.

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    • Chris Howard, over 6 years ago

      Ya, but you called that stuff "the secret sauce" as if it was the key factor in Slack's success.

      Matt's point is, it wasn't the difference. All those other things he raised had significant impact on Slack's ability to succeed, and some of them, quite probably had greater impact.

      Your original piece implied all developers had to do to succeed was use your secret sauce.

      It's nice to make a product that stands out from the crowd for funkiness. Many have succeeded with that as part of their strategy. But when you're telling developers that's what it takes, most will be sadly disappointed if they rely on that advice.

      Matt was just attempting to put right that misrepresentation.

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