What do you use to listen to podcasts?

over 6 years ago from Jack Bowen, Front End Designer at Opera Mediaworks

  • Brian BimschlegerBrian Bimschleger, over 6 years ago

    Overcast replaced Stitcher, which replaces Podcasts (native app) for me.

    Overall, there's a significant overlap in functionality of most podcast apps, but the 3 big features that put Overcast on top for me are:

    • Voice Boost, which makes soft voices louder so you're not constantly adjusting the volume,
    • Smart Speed, which auto-zooms through dead air on the podcast
    • Seamless sync across devices and web.

    Overcast is $4.99 for aVB & SS, but they're totally worth it if you power-listen to podcasts.

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