We Need Time Alone To Think(kow.fm)

6 years ago from Karl Weber, Designer & Developer @whatspast, building @cheddarapp

  • Blake Reary, 6 years ago

    I think everyone should adopt this. While it's not exactly meditation, it's an important aspect of daily life: being able to sit and process and wonder, without the constant distractions of technology.

    Meditation, on the other hand, is a level deeper – but equally (or arguably more) important. Meditation is focusing on one single thing – the breath – and allowing thoughts to arise while at the same time not being consumed or distracted by them. A bit of a different technique, but it pays huge dividends in your life if you do a little bit every day.

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    • Karl WeberKarl Weber, 6 years ago

      I guess you're right. I'd argue that sitting and doing nothing is a precursor to meditation. Like climbing a ladder, a few rungs below but still in the right direction.

      I'm glad that you enjoyed the article. Thanks for reading.

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