• Mackenzie DavidsonMackenzie Davidson, 5 years ago

    Nautilus is interesting because they've really focused their web content to make it doesn't really feel inspired by a magazine in a physical sense at all.

    Adult (NSFW I suppose - aha new erotics) is cool too. Their print version is cool but their site is just as good and really, really tight and focused. Really good type too.

    Bloomberg is KILLING it. Their design team does some wild stuff and gets away with it because it's so good. Their print version is very aligned with their web content, but they seem to make sure their designs fit the medium so their designers / devs really take advantage of the content being online, which is really rare.

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    • Marià Codina i Ferrés, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

      WOW I never thought Bloomberg would do things like this! The way they treat every article is really nice (and very funny too).

      Also I've liked a lot the front page of Adult, I think all the content breaths very well, very good looking with this type and colors.

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