• Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, over 6 years ago

    My main problem with the inconsistency in color profiles is I don't have an Apple monitor (both at work and in my personal environment).

    Ok. That might not be a problem. If you can, I’d set it up as sRGB, if it’s not already.

    That makes me want to see the consistent colors atleast in my environment first before sending these files to developers.

    Some consistency is impossible, due to the way Preview and some apps handle image files that don’t contain ICC profiles. There’s not much that can be done about it.

    The second main problem in this context is I don't use Photoshop for design. I use Sketch.

    From what I've seen, Sketch works how I’d like and expect for a screen design tool. I haven’t done much testing though.

    There is an option in Sketch when you export that asks if you want to include/discard 'Color profile and EXIF metadata'

    I think that option is just for embedded images, not vectors etc?

    Preview treats untagged images to be in sRGB color space, however with this option in Sketch, Preview still reports the same inconsistent behaviour (Again, have picked the colors using Sip. Will report the findings with Digital color meter)

    I think the issue is Preview. If you’re trying to read the values contained within a file, without sRGB → display profile conversion, you can’t use Preview.

    Maybe we’ll have to build an image previewer one day soon. It’s pretty maddening.

    I should ask developers to open the design files in Chrome if they have to pick the colors, because not everyone uses a Mac at work. Or, perhaps, I should give the intended HEX values.

    Both good options. :) I always supply color values, because this stuff can be difficult, and I don’t want to risk someone else using a method that will give incorrect results.

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