A Year of DuckDuckGo(designwithtom.com)

over 5 years ago from Tom Wood, Creative Director at Peregrine Communications

  • Tom WoodTom Wood, over 5 years ago

    Its just an incredible little feature - I almost feel they should make more of it in their marketing.

    I always liked that in Chrome you can begin typing the name of the site in the address bar, and as it autocompletes you can just press Tab and it allows you to search that domain from the address bar - its similar to !bangs but requires you to have visited the site before, and for Chrome to learn that the domain has a search function.

    Ive been using TinEye for image search, but its not quite as good as Google Image search. Decent maps and an image search would make me abandon Google altogether.

    Next I need to ditch Chrome & Gmail.. Been trialling Zoho mail which seems pretty good so far (and its free).

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