Hype Pro for Mac(tumult.com)

over 5 years ago from Eli Slade, Product Designer

  • James Morris, over 5 years ago

    Hype is great. The guys are very supportive with your requests and it's a very well made app. I've been beta testing Hype Pro for ages and I've been constantly surprised how powerful it is for prototyping.

    A really great alternative to Adobe After Effects for nailing animations and I've successfully used it with with InVision/Marvel to make flows with animated transitions. Hype Pro's GIF export is fantastic.

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    • Lee Fuhr, over 5 years ago

      Given how heavily I use InVision, this is super interesting. I'd love to see a writeup and/or example of this in action.

      Bringing real animations to web apps (not native mobile, like Pixate) – and being able to demo it in InVision – sounds killer.

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