Microsoft might be killing off Internet Explorer(

6 years ago from Daniel Mui, Digital Designer & Co-founder @ Pendium

  • Ed AdamsEd Adams, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    I'm not willing to place any trust in Project Spartan until we get access to a preview build of it we can run ourselves. I don't trust Microsoft's web browsers, and feel that thinking is reasonably justified.

    For me, part of it is because they "lock off" newest versions of IE to only support the newest versions Windows. This is why, for example, so many enterprise users are stuck on IE9. Microsoft would rather force IT departments to upgrade the OS (which is not an option at most enterprises) than offer an evergreen browser.

    Yes, things have gotten better in recent releases but some really core features still haven't landed in IE. I'm finishing up a project that heavily utilises srcset, but even the latest IE, version 11, doesn't support it. There's others too, but I can't name 'em right now.

    I want to believe they'll finally push out an evergreen browser. I want to so badly.

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