• Jono HerringtonJono Herrington, over 8 years ago

    Hey Chris -

    Everyone else is thanking you so instead I will say .... GOOD ON YOU MATE! A little weird ... a little strange? Just wanted to make you feel at home like you were starting off a show on Shop Talk :) #LoveShopTalk. But for real thank you for your contribution to our industry.

    My question is how did you get into doing web talks? I'm guessing it was a natural progression from CSS-Tricks but I might be wrong. I am interested in speaking myself but do not know the best way to get into doing it inside our industry. I know one could just do local meet up talks, but I am thinking more in terms of conferences. Thanks in advance!

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    • Chris CoyierChris Coyier, over 8 years ago

      Lots of conferences have calls for talk submissions. Like this. Definitely go for those when you see them.

      My general advice for tech speaking is to not bite off too much in one talk. Talk about something YOU think is interesting, scope it down to something you know you understand well, and frame it with something relatable.

      It doesn't hurt to kinda "be out there" in the community a bit as well. Maybe write blog posts about the topic you're interested in speaking about. That way you're known as the person who knows about THAT THING. You're chances of being asked to speak are a lot higher that way.

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