• Chris CoyierChris Coyier, over 8 years ago

    "It's like being a famous dentist." as they say.

    Two times in my life has anyone ever noticed me outside of an industry event. So it's not a big problem, and of course it's super flattering and not weird at all. I've done more than my fair share of celeb-stalking myself. I once saw Garrison Keillor in the airport (he's crazy tall). I followed him for like 20 seconds trying to get a picture so people would believe me.

    I am definitely introverted as well, but that's distinct from being shy. Introversion is more about how you gain and lose social energy. Socializing is enjoyable for me, but costly. There is a limit before I'm just DONE - and retreating back to my laptop and couch is required to get that energy back. Or else I turn into a ball of pure anxiety and might vaporize a city block (I think that's how it works.)

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