• Richard BallermannRichard Ballermann, almost 6 years ago

    Everything looks fairly slick, so good job on the design. I struggled with this myself coming out of school being and wanting to show off my illustration, design, motion and photography chops: selling too many skills can be a little confusing for prospective clients. They won't be able to remember you for any one particular skill and the takeaway will only be as strong as your weakest link.

    What are you REALLY good at? You can draw, but the examples you show are not what I would consider at the level of a marketable skill to promote for illustration or concept work. This starts to detract from the amount of polish you're showing in your design work.

    Honestly and truly judge the level of each of these skills you're promoting. Design and illustration are justifiable skills for one person to promote if they are both truly honed and at a professional level but fine art projects and design work have no real connection, placing them side by side makes a very confusing and aimless pitch to your clients. Pick out the work you think you can sell in order to get people to hire you, all other work that is personally driven without client input should be kept elsewhere.

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