• Eugene RossEugene Ross, over 6 years ago

    Thanks for the insight! How you would you go about presenting a project you worked on if it was primarily handling the production side? Would you just leave the option of a case study out?

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    • Benjamin KowalskiBenjamin Kowalski, over 6 years ago

      I think a project that was more production based can be presented in a lot of ways.

      This designer ( http://www.robinman.com/verge.html ) for example shows full pages, along with specific detail shots, and includes some context around what you're actually looking at. Giving detail about how pages work or what information needed to be presented can add just enough context for viewers to not have to guess at what a site/project is all about.

      On the other side, a more detailed case study can show both process (wireframes, unused ideas, sketches) or be more written detail about the process of the project like this Huge case study page: http://www.hugeinc.com/case-study/newsweek

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