8 years ago from Danny King, Designer/Cofounder @PrecursorApp

  • joe andersonjoe anderson, 8 years ago

    Very cool, what inspired you to make this and what are your plans moving forward? Curious how you think the product will evolve and where it fits in designers workflows

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    • Danny KingDanny King, 8 years ago

      Thanks, and great question! My inspiration was essentially to scratch my own itch. Most prototyping tools I've used required too much attention when I just wanted to focus on my ideas. Many are also difficult to share; I've worked with a lot of remote developers in the past and showing them how to use my newest prototyping tool that week wasn't fun.

      In terms of where it fits, I'd say anywhere. I use it now when I would normally reach for a pen. Layouts, flows, notes, I even use it to explain implementation details in development. My enthusiasm might be a bit bias though :)

      As for how I think it will evolve, I'm still working on that. Every time I think I know where it's headed, someone finds a new use for it. So far I've seen math lessons, blueprints, meeting rooms, etc., etc.

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