• Antonio PratasAntonio Pratas, almost 7 years ago

    I always had a really hard time focusing on my portfolio quite well. I had the same simple and outdated portfolio for ages, but it was a static website designed and developed by me. Now, I have a placeholder at www.antoniopratas.com while I design my new website. I thought of using wordpress or indexhibit, I prefer hosted solutions so that I can control better the CMS, but in the end I'll want to make it as custom as possible, since I'm a webdesigner my own portfolio is a work I can show off, and it's this feeling of creating something great to myself that makes the work being postponed ad eternum. Apart from that dribbble for a few shots, I have a behance account but don't really use it anymore, I can't stand to be updating 2 or 3 different accounts.

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