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almost 6 years ago from Bobby Anderson, Senior UI/UX Designer

  • Drew ShimomuraDrew Shimomura, almost 6 years ago

    Comment and question:

    Comment: Site looks very nice. One comment, I think the case studies page could do a better job at giving a sense of what you did on each project, either through images or through explicitly listing the type of project it is. Ex: If i'm trying to hire you for only a subset of your skills, that info would help me determine which case study I should look at first.

    Question: Also, mind describing or linking to a description of how you made the mobile User Flows you've recently posted on instagram? I'm getting deeper into the tool, and your flows look amazing. Are they all on the same artboard?

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    • Bobby AndersonBobby Anderson, almost 6 years ago

      Comment: thanks, I appreciate the feedback and I'll definitely look into modifying the portfolio to reflect that :)

      Question: I use Illustrator for all of my user flows and I use Sketch to design the apps. I export each screen from Sketch within a device for mockup purposes and arrange each section of the app on it's own artboard, so for example I'd have an on boarding process on one artboard and the home screen with search function on another. After that it's really just a case of connecting the lines, I realise that's quite vague but that's honestly all I really do - hope it's of some help?

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