6 Lessons from an Unemployed Designer(ohjessica.com)

over 7 years ago from Jessica Phan, Designer

  • Bridget HapnerBridget Hapner, over 7 years ago

    I really enjoyed your writing! I always admire when designers are really honest about how they navigate the field. I found myself in a similar place recently, leaving a full-time job in graphic design for an internship in UX, to learn a new skill. I'm so thrilled to be doing what I'm doing now, but it is always a bit scary to leave something you know for the unknown. Props to you for making the leap! All of the advice you gave is spot on from my experience - I often feel hesitant to reach out to the design community because I'm afraid of bothering someone or of someone saying no, but it's so true that you have to be open and reach out to move forward. Great advice!

    Good luck! I'm confident you'll find something great.

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