• Kyle Peatt, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

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    In your research, is there a difference between a carousel and an "image gallery"

    In most of the research I did before writing, a carousel was referred to as something similar to the Kodak Slide Carousel. Usually interchangeable with the term slider. I think probably that auto-advancement has been compounded with carousels these days but it's not a necessary feature to be called a "carousel".

     So just to clarify, this article is not saying homepage carousels are a good idea :)

    I'm also not saying it's a bad idea. I think homepage carousels could probably be very effective if people spent the time to try to design them well. A good example of that is the Amazon marketing banner carousel I linked to in the Considerations section of the article. It very clearly sells the user on why they should click on the next slide by telling them exactly what will be on it.

    Every article out there that was against carousels said that "Carousels are bad". My goal with this article was to say: "Hey! Carousels aren't bad. Just some implementations of them are. They can actually be really engaging if you design them well!"

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