Thinking of going freelance/contracted, any advice?

over 5 years ago from James Storer, UI Designer at blinkbox

  • Gilli Sigurdsson, over 5 years ago

    Learn to observe potential clients. If they are in a hurry, have unrealistic expectations, or show any sign of disregard or disrespect to other people you should mark that as a red flag. Don't work with these types of people. The best paid gigs come from people who are results oriented, focus on these people. You'll be higher paid, and less micro-managed.

    I think this is one of the most valuable things you can learn in freelancing. I have met a lot of people who complained about having all kind of problems with their clients, like not getting paid. This is something I have almost never experienced because I learned how to read the clues before signing a contract.

    Protip: One of the biggest clues that a client will be trouble is if he finds it uncomfortable to pay anything upfront.

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