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6 years ago from Philip Crown

  • Hunter CaronHunter Caron, 6 years ago

    None of those would have that many vertical pixels actually, except for the retina iMac and it would have to be turned sideways

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    • Daren BroxmeyerDaren Broxmeyer, 6 years ago

      It was probably someone who has a standing desk with a retina display. Standing desks allow you to rotate the display sideways or all the way around.

      That's the setup I have, and I rotate sideways when I need more vertical space.

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    • Hmphry xHmphry x, 6 years ago

      Yeah, my math was faulty. I know a few designers who turn off their retina, but with the 27in 5k mac, it's only 4300px.

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