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over 5 years ago from Clay MacTavish, web developer

  • Clay MacTavishClay MacTavish, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    It's a nice little touch of personality that isn't often found on boring, stuffy content heavy sites of this type.

    Further, I find site designs like Bloomberg to be interesting case studies on many levels, especially since I've worked on projects with complicated constraints and needs (ie radio/advertising industry - yes, the ad model works and ads are here to stay. Personally, I think the ad world is an exciting space to be in right now. There are some great tools out there Google Web Designer, Adobe Edge Animate that are pushing the industry forward).

    These are not pretentious, portfolio/agency sites shipped with an over use of parallax scrolling and sans serif fonts. Many hours of thought went into this.

    For one, developing a complex information architecture for a content heavy site such as Bloomberg is an enormous challenge. I'm sure many people were involved in many iterations over many months.

    I think it took a lot of guts for for a company like Bloomberg to leap out of the norm and pump out a rebuild like this. It is refreshing and inspiring to see a new coat of paint once in a while.

    We can tell just by looking at the font sizes, the navigation, and...the 404 pages that their demographics are possibly young-ish, educated, tablet-totting adults that need to consume the content with ease and efficiency. For example, the large padding around the heading texts is probably making sure your fingers are hitting exactly what you want.

    You, my Designer News friend, may see common CSS solutions often found in the wild, responsive design implementations you find on all your pretentious blogs, and fonts you recognize from your "design inspiration" bookmarks.

    The Bloomberg relaunch is everywhere because it matters and provides interesting solutions.

    I value the opinions of the DN community therefore I thought I'd share it here.

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    • Pete PetrashPete Petrash, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

      Really well put. Got the same impression regarding their demographics; their attempt to make business journalism more approachable to a younger crowd is admirable and I think the new look and experience will help achieve that.

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