• Connor Tomas O'BrienConnor Tomas O'Brien, over 6 years ago

    Considering Apple have changed (virtually) every icon in iOS 7, I'd say Apple are just changing icons for the sake of it.

    I don't think the icon is easier to understand than the previous icon. Many (most?) users use more than one operating system in addition to iOS, and the pre-existing "Share" button is already fairly well-used and understood (for example, in OS X, including Mavericks). A strong symbol needs to be understood in a variety of contexts and environments, and here, the new symbol fails: it only really makes sense in one situation. Symbols are like logos: they become better over time, as they're worked into our visual language. If companies shift and change interface symbols arbitrarily, it takes time for users to relearn the language, which can be pretty frustrating.

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