AMA: Khoi Vinh

almost 7 years ago from Khoi Vinh,, Principal Designer at Adobe

  • Khoi Vinh, almost 7 years ago

    @Billy: I talked a little bit about the process in my blog post here and Wired wrote a bit about it in this article. But to recap: Adobe asked me to propose an idea for a tablet app; I worked up some thoughts for an early prototype of LayUp; they assigned an engineer to work with me to rapidly prototype it; we put it in front of a panel users to get their reactions; they then assigned a larger team to it, that I consult with regularly. The whole experience sounds similar to the one you had at Threadless, which is to say it's been a fantastic collaboration. I'm continually impressed with how industrious and effective and clever the team has been in bringing it to life.

    As for whether part of LayUp's functionality will be available through Adobe's SDK, I think only Adobe's SDK team can answer that. Speaking only for myself, I imagine that if the answer is yes, it would be a qualified yes—meaning it won't be out very soon. Hope that's helpful.

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    • Billy CarlsonBilly Carlson, over 6 years ago

      Thanks @Khoi. We did have similar experiences and it was great. I see they have released a production version of your app. Very cool. Thank you again for the answer.

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