Best way to REALLY learn javascript

over 5 years ago from Andy Leverenz, Product Designer @ Dribbble / Maker

  • Jeff Dingwell, over 5 years ago

    I second the sentiment put forth by Cihad Turhan. Javascript is awesome and it is a great skill to have - but do you REALLY need to know it?

    I guess it depends on what kind of work you do - but unless you are doing app development or anticipate working on sites with a lot of business logic that you want to manage, maybe you're going to spend a lot of time learning something with not so much payoff.

    I've been working on improving my js skills lately and all of a sudden I asked myself, "what are you really going to do with this?". My conclusion was that unless I was going to switch gears to become a developer, it looked like a really deep rabbit hole to fall into with not so much payoff for me personally.

    There are just so many things to know in our industry and that list seems to grow daily. As designers, isn't it enough for us to have solid HTML/CSS/jQuery skills?

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