AMA: Khoi Vinh

almost 7 years ago from Khoi Vinh,, Principal Designer at Adobe

  • yolp pheadroneyolp pheadrone, almost 7 years ago

    Hello Khoi,

    wow! was hoping, but didn't expect a second response. thanks so much for being so generous with your time and for a considered response.

    the italicised "lot" (a lot of automation) in your response, is of course very significant! So UX design will be even more about systems and architecture and meta-pattens etc. But then what about design as form-giving?

    Will there be other modalities of doing design which are not UX? while a certain amount of general UX thinking will possibly pervade other design disciplines too, what are the domains where interpretation, form-making, and editorial attention to close reading, textual nuances, and content, will not be subsumed under 'system-think'?

    Or in other words, do you think that the tent of Design Thinking is capacious enough to accommodate various forms of design practice? or do you see UX thinking claiming to become the default condition / substratum of all design thinking?

    and on a related note, would love to know what do you think Richard Buchanan's idea of design as the 'Liberal Art of Technological Culture'? [1]

    [1] Buchanan, R. 1992 “Wicked Problems in design thinking”, Design Issues, 8(2): 5-21

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    • Khoi Vinh, almost 7 years ago

      I'm not deeply familiar with Buchanan's writings but I do subscribe to his notion that the logical progression of design from a craft or trade to a framework for thinking about most everything we interact with in post-industrial society seems right on (that is, if I'm even paraphrasing it correctly).

      In answer to your question about whether UX is going to eventually pervade all flavors of design, I think the answer is probably yes, but not at uniform levels. Software will probably continue to be the most heavily seeped in user experience thinking; marketing design will get progressively more UX heavy as well, as will editorial design, though perhaps not as thoroughly. Design tends to follow the doors kicked open by technology, and technology is certainly imposing more and more systems thinking on everything we do, so there's a certain amount of inevitability there.

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      • yolp pheadroneyolp pheadrone, almost 7 years ago

        Hi Khoi,

        a big thank you once again. it has been wonderful to have this exchange with you, and although your last response takes me to yet another set of questions, I will stop for now. On a different note, do hope that you will have time to keep writing books too among all your myriad activities. I enjoy your brief reflections on films on subtraction but I understand that you are perhaps too pressed for time to develop them further. I for one, would really look forward to a book from you that explores design at the intersection of cultural journalism. all the best, Yolp

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