• Abhishek SureshAbhishek Suresh, 5 years ago

    Hey Ben, thanks for answering. Fair Enough. I live in Melbourne too (a year so far), I know what you are talking about. Pardon the brevity of my question. I was trying to understand the reason behind expensive tickets - Is it normal for events to have this kind of a price tag or was it to attract/block a specific crowd or are you giving away lot of swag, etc.

    I have organized a lot of large scale events in the past but not with this price tag and I was quite intrigued. Also are you looking for volunteers? I would be more than glad to be a volunteer for the event.

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    • Ben SchwarzBen Schwarz, 5 years ago

      No sweat — we spend every dollar on the conference and we're pretty lucky to be able to have it all work; Its by no mistake, but by an insane amount of work by the whole team here.

      When you consider that the first of our announced speakers are all international, you can start to appreciate that we're flying them around the world, and making sure that they're looked after while they're here. That adds up quickly cost wise — and for many people, travelling elsewhere in the world to attend conferences to see these people speak is impossible! (and far, far more expensive).

      We run CSSConf because its the kind of event that we'd want to go to. I've spent a lot of time attending conferences around the world over the last few years, and I really want to be apart of an event that we can be proud of here in Melbourne.

      Right now, we've reached out to a bunch of volunteers and have a full staff of people to help out. Of course, if you want to drop me an email, I'll add you to the next spot in line. You never know when you'll need an extra pair of hands :-)

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