AMA: Khoi Vinh

almost 7 years ago from Khoi Vinh,, Principal Designer at Adobe

  • Khoi Vinh, almost 7 years ago

    @Joe: This is a really insightful question; thanks for asking it and thanks for your article on Wildcard. You're really right on the money when it comes to the challenge we've taken on—we are trying to solve a very broad problem, which it's our duty to overcome a number of obstacles with adoption and marketing.

    We did spend a lot of time early on experimenting with a very narrow focus. Ultimately though we decided that building a broad product was the best way for us to start putting our ideas into practice.

    Normally I would be reluctant to follow this approach, but Wildcard the product is not the entirety of Wildcard the company. We have a number of initiatives that are tackling this problem from multiple angles. Specifically we have a partnership program that helps brands get their content into our browser as cards while at the same time readying that content to be compatible with a number of card platforms, not just ours. We also have a developer SDK that is in the works that will make our functionality more portable—it's a pretty compelling argument for our big picture perspective on cards.

    All of which is to say we're just getting started. I've said many times that we don't at this problem through the lens of months but rather years—we are trying to effect a fundamental change in how people interact with mobile content, so the initial efforts you see are all foundational, and will evolve and change over time. Hope that helps.

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