• Kyle BavenderKyle Bavender, 5 years ago

    Thank you for inviting proposals here, Ben!

    Looking through your post, the conference site, and reading the links you provided a spark — I realized that I want to speak at a conference some day. It's up my alley — deep knowledge, speaking, teaching — and I want to give back to the community, even this year.

    CSSConf is too much a stretch for me, I think — I just don't have the time to craft a strong presentation let alone a quality proposal due to an overwhelming amount of full time + freelance commitments this season.

    But you have definitely stirred me from dormant dreaming in to motion. I signed up for Meetup.com and am looking forward to joining my local community — or starting my own meetup.

    So, a bit of a personal thanks, but I am grateful for you post! Hope CSSConf Australia is a blast!

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    • Ben Schwarz, 5 years ago

      Thanks Kyle, that was a really nice thing to say. You made the whole team grin from ear to ear.

      Perhaps this year isn't the year for you, but I must urge you to start practicing writing conference proposals—you might get knocked back a few times, and you'll just need to get better and better at explaining yourself. Try to imagine and articulate what would excite you, then pop it into a few proposals… if you get turned down, make sure that you ask for feedback.

      It can be really hard for a team to give you feedback, because they will likely receive hundreds of proposals… but you never know what you might learn to change that'll make a huge difference for next time.

      Also, it can't hurt to try speaking at a local meet up or do guest lecturing at a local university. Both will really help you become more confident in front of an audience.

      All the best, hope you get a proposal in somewhere, soon.

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