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almost 7 years ago from Khoi Vinh,, Principal Designer at Adobe

  • Sean GeraghtySean Geraghty, almost 7 years ago

    Hi Khoi,

    I'm sorry if I'm a bit late to the party, but I've just got up and into the studio. I am a final year university student and therefore things are really starting to get real. How would you recommend I begin to look around about getting a job somewhere? Or do you think I should stick to freelance? I have had about 3-4 years of experience with various freelance projects now, so I think I should hopefully have enough experience plus hopefully a degree. My work is all on my Dribbble page at the moment (, do you think this is enough or should I develop a portfolio?

    Thanks so much,


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    • Khoi Vinh, almost 7 years ago

      I really do think that you should develop a portfolio of projects that you're proud of. I don't think that supplants the Dribbble page; any good employer or client will look at both. But given two designers of equal talent, each with equally impressive Dribbble pages, I personally would go with the one who has gone to the trouble of formulating a coherent portfolio that tells the story of who he/she is and what he/she is good at and where he/she wants to go with that talent.

      As for whether to stick to freelance or to go for a salaried job: I know this isn't going to be the answer you're looking for, but it all depends on you and your particular circumstance. Both paths have worked for all kinds of people.

      Finally, I don't mean to be crass, but this is exactly what my new book How They Got There is all about. If you want to learn how 14 designers who have "made it" actually "made it," sign up for the release!

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