AMA: Khoi Vinh

almost 7 years ago from Khoi Vinh,, Principal Designer at Adobe

  • Khoi Vinh, almost 7 years ago

    @Anthony: That's a great question that I'm actually realizing no one has asked me before. I think the main reason I don't have my work up as an online portfolio is that it takes a lot of time—I think every designer would agree that putting together your own portfolio is one of the hardest design problems out there.

    Also, I suppose I'm lucky in that I haven't really needed to get hired for work based on a portfolio in a number of years. That doesn't mean I shouldn't have a portfolio available; I probably should nevertheless. I guess I'm mostly just lazy!

    That said, I do keep telling myself that I want to create a directory of all my projects over at someday soon. Not quite a portfolio, just an index of things I've done that people can try out. One day.

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