Fear of Writing(williamthomas.io)

almost 7 years ago from Will Thomas, Designer

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    This process often opens up further lines of enquiry and allow me to speak confidently about those ideas later.

    This is very true. I started writing occasionally toward the end of last year, after spending a long time convincing myself not too for arbitrary reasons.

    Writing is a freeing process, I don't find myself constrained or under any pressure to hit a goal. I can throw thoughts out quickly or slowly. The web is a big place at the end of the day and there is space for everybody.

    Writing has been a great learning process, the process of writing has contributed to me building confidence and strength in other day-to-day tasks.

    It may not be for everyone, but there are great benefits to be had from some form or avenue of free thought, be it writing, 'vlogging' or any other medium.

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