• Bud ParrBud Parr, over 6 years ago

    I'd agree with both the comments already here. I'm assuming you're talking about the internal pages and not the marketing sites.

    Among the banks I've had any experience with(BofA, Chase, FirstUSA, Amex, Etrade), BofA gets a lot right.

    Simple, which I'm a heavy user of (both the app and site) is true to its name, both in functionality and usability. It achieves something that I think is unheard of in banking —indeed, not thought of—it strips away the intimidation and pain of looking at your spending and bank balance. That really is good design!

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    • Juan VelascoJuan Velasco, over 6 years ago

      Thanks, Bud.

      I'm interested in both, actually. Internal pages, balances, account information, transactions in general are usually neglected parts of the experience since it's usually more heavy technically speaking and therefore "harder" to adapt to actual user needs. Now, the way they handle their marketing, language, tone, communication, prioritization, etc is also interesting and, in sites like Simple, a huge differentiator from the get go.

      I really appreciate your contributions and will take a look at the ones you mention in your second paragraph. I'm honestly not familiar with most of those.


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