• Brandon SoubaBrandon Souba, 5 years ago

    I worked on the Ratings and Reviews product at Facebook. Most people don't even know that the product exists, but it was built to support the pages product and local discovery.

    I think the novelty of adding a ratings feedback mechanism to messages is clever, but there was nothing said about the diluted messaging experience (as well as the out of context ask for data). I'm just trying to message my friend, and now you are asking me for feedback?

    Facebook might or might not receive more ratings and reviews than Yelp, but the struggle was always getting QUALITY reviews and building a community that wanted to give great data. Most people don't know that Yelp and Amazon actually has a VIP program for people who give great reviews (amazon gives you free stuff, not sure what yelp gives you).

    My feedback is this: Your execution clearly shows that you can tack on a product to a high traffic area and get data, but I don't think it's a wonderful user experience or does a great job of getting high quality data to help make a decision(reviews).

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