Ask DN: What do you care about most when considering a job offer?

over 5 years ago from Joel Califa, Senior Product Designer at GitHub

  • Robbie FarrellRobbie Farrell, over 5 years ago

    This is how I evaluate a new job offers in this exact order:

    1. Location - I won't commute more than 60 minutes each way per day, if the route is longer 1-2 days of remote work must be offered
    2. Type of work - the work I do must interest me and must be something I'm passionate about. There must be a variety of web based work for multiple clients who are willing to take chances and break trends. The kind of work I do must challenge me to be become a better design
    3. Other workers in the company - ideally there will be multiple designers to work with and learn from
    4. Salary - Money is not my priority just yet as I don't have a family to provide for but in a few years this could easily become my #1. I like to have money in the bank to spend and invest though so it's still important
    5. Further opportunities - is there potential to move up the ranks in the company or will it help me get to a better job in the next couple of years
    6. Flexibility - are they strict on work hours? I prefer to work in a place that doesn't watch the clock for when you arrive and leave. I like to finish early some days and work late others so the ability to chop and change is nice to have
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