Has Visual Design Fallen Flat?(blog.intercom.io)

almost 6 years ago from Gustavs Cirulis, Principal Product Designer at Intercom

  • Emmet ConnollyEmmet Connolly, almost 6 years ago

    Fair points. What I was actually aiming for with the article was to think about what the opportunity cost of sticking with an established, safe style of design might be.

    You're absolutely right that we should not reinvent the wheel for no good reason, and that the basic user experience should be top priority (at least IMO). But it's a mistake to be blinded by the best things that the present have to offer and think that things can't be improved.

    If product design does indeed settle down into a comfortable uniformity that just stays the same forever, it will be the first time in the history of design that it's ever happened. :)

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    • Bevan StephensBevan Stephens, almost 6 years ago

      Are we talking product design? Are you judging the products or are you just judging the aesthetics of the marketing sites that accompany them?

      I don't doubt that there are many original innovative design features within the projects themselves. But the visual style of the homepage doesn't always need to be a graphic design student's wet dream.

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