Does design even matter?(

over 7 years ago from Noam Liss, Product Designer at InVision

  • Jon IzquierdoJon Izquierdo, over 7 years ago

    Great article Noam... I'm dealing with the same dilemma (where you were at the agency). It's really hard to put so much effort into a design and not be a part of it months later. I haven't made a jump (or return in my case) to focusing on a single product yet, but it's definitely crossed my mind. Everything you said really hit home. Thanks and keep writing great stuff!

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    • Noam Liss, over 7 years ago

      Thanks Jon! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, it's very hard to see something you put tons of thought and effort into just "disappear" in many cases without knowing anything about how it actually worked or if users liked it. And what makes it worse is that you won't know if things you thought would work actually did and learn from them.

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