ASK DN: Do visitors actually watch product videos?

over 5 years ago from Ryan Boye, Product Designer at AppDirect

  • Ashley KolodziejAshley Kolodziej, over 5 years ago

    Speaking only for myself - I generally don't. In the rare case I do, I tend to watch the video without sound. I just want to see what the product does as quickly as possible, and scan through the information at my own pace. In a video, I can't do that, so I will avoid it at all costs.

    If I do have to watch the video - that is, if it's the only content on your page - I'll try and skip around to cut the crap and just get to whatever the product actually does, which is what I want out of the site in the first place. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't. Many times, videos don't have any sort of visual cues in them, so I'm stuck listening to understand what's going on. That takes more time out of my day then I want to spend looking at the product - I have other things I need to do - so right around the point where it's clear I have to sit through the entire thing with sound and devote all my attention to it for a few minutes, I give up and don't come back. There are a number of reasons this might happen - I don't feel like grabbing my headphones, I'm at work, etc. The end result is the same.

    If there are some visual cues to help me understand what the video is covering, I'm more forgiving and likely to watch the video in full. This Buzzfeed video on misheard lyrics is possibly the best I've seen in terms of ensuring I get exactly the information I need from the video without having to listen to sound... it showed up on my Facebook feed and I had no intention of watching it, but I could read the misheard lyrics and between that and the song name, hear exactly what they were talking about in my head. So I stuck around and watched the whole thing.

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