• Tyler Fowler, over 6 years ago

    Whenever I need an icon I typically conceptualize the 'style' or 'feel' I want from the surrounding context (for this reason I often design icons last and use placeholders during the design phase) and then get a feel for what types of shapes or objects I want to use. (i.e. Modern? Super geometric? Fancy? Desk objects?)

    Then I'll maybe do a few sketches but I can't draw worth a damn so I just get down the general idea of the shape forms. Then I'll go into Illustrator (or right there in Sketch if it's simple enough) and start making some basic geometric shapes to block out the concept. Then I usually start chipping away, creating curves, shapes, and lines until I get what I want. Next I'll go back to the context and start trying different colors (if I haven't already decided).

    Beyond that depends very highly on the situation. Sometimes icon fonts, but if there are only one or two on any given page I'll just go straight to a png and load it in via CSS.

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