Watchville for android, porting an iOS design to material design(

almost 6 years ago from Marc Hemeon, Founder Design Inc. Former co-founder North, design at YouTube, Google and Digg. Co-founder Teefury and Designbyhumans

  • Marc Hemeon, almost 6 years ago

    TL;DR: We learned a ton porting our ios Watchville app to material design for android and hope you take a moment to download and enjoy our homage to horology.

    The android version actually has our new Time view which includes a host of features including a new moonphase view, full and new moon indications, day of year, leap year, 12 and 24 hour view.

    The time view is the most accurate time we can possibly create adjusted from a host of sources - Caleb and Jonathen will be writing more about the challenges around engineering moonphases and atomic time - we would often keep a slack channel open with two watch experts and were constantly going back and forth about the proper way to express time(will go into more detail in a later post).

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