iPod Cover for iPhone ~ Concept(theeggs.biz)

over 5 years ago from Claudio Gomboli, Designer, illustrator, street photographer

  • Jason BlockJason Block, over 5 years ago

    I think that last statement does a bit of disservice to how much collaboration there is between Apple designers and engineers. Yes, they push engineering limits, but only when:

    1. They can cheaply prototype said design in such a way that stakeholders can tangibly see it
    2. They can mass-manufacture said product at the scale of one of the largest supply chains on the planet (millions of phones/ipads a week, all getting cargo-shipped across the world in a matter of days)
    3. The rest of the company and any developer partners can easily work with said product in a productive way (ex: they're not going to want to include another touchpoint in the iOS app architecture for a niche accessory).

    I appreciate and understand the effort you put into this concept, but the truly great concepts out there are not only futuristic and forward thinking, but understand the current technological needs that the concept is addressing, as well as the constraints that are present that keep it from being a reality (ex: why would you put glass on an external case? Where would electronics go? How does it stay attached to the iPhone? If the answer is magnets, how do we keep the magnets from ruining peoples' credit cards?).

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