Mobile Trends for 2015(

almost 7 years ago from Nirav Shah, Designer / Developer

  • Joseph BarrientosJoseph Barrientos, almost 7 years ago

    mmm, yeah.... once I read "iOS continues to out-innovate Android with amazing feature-packed gadgets like Apple Watch" you lost me...

    As mentioned by others i'm sure, the Apple watch hasn't been released yet, AND not only that but how is it any more innovative than any other smartwatch? (Whether it's better or worse than others has yet to be determined) But my question is how is it more innovative, not just better, but compared to devices like the LG-R, Moto 360 and Gear S, how does it innovate, turn everything we've ever known on its ear, what makes it SO different that it gets the tag "innovative"? I have a strong feeling this word carries about as much weight as "revolutionary" when Jobs was shoving the iphones down peoples throats a few years ago.

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