Mobile Trends for 2015(

over 8 years ago from Nirav Shah, Designer / Developer

  • Ian GoodeIan Goode, over 8 years ago


    Yeah, let's not have DN devolve to comments like this :)

    Some of the points in the article I get, like mobile payments, emphasis on security and the communication of it. But others like 'Android vs iOS'? That's not a trend, let alone something for 2015.

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    • Nirav ShahNirav Shah, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

      Thanks for your feedback Ian.

      I agree that the sub title of Android vs iOS is slightly ambiguous. The trend is leading toward 'Android first' for mass market apps now due to the market share. While iOS is venturing into new platforms with gadgets like iWatch. Updated the sub-title accordingly.

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    • Sean O'GradySean O'Grady, over 8 years ago

      While it was a tongue in cheek reference from my comment on his other post, these posts are pure clickbait, offer no value to me and thats why I posted it.

      To expand on no : You're just picking the most important things in (the second half of) 2014 and using those ideas to predict 2015. Its lazy, boring and repetitive.

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