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    I'm using many of the same apps as others have noted here: 1Password, Alfred, Dropbox, Adobe CC, etc.

    Here's a few that I've found useful that haven't been listed so far:

    Desktop Apps

    • FontExplorer: I deal with a lot of design files all day, so I need something to turn fonts on and off. This app does that and also helps by creating groups that I can turn on and off for different projects.
    • Tower: An amazing Git client made just for Mac! Works really well with git-flow. Since moving to Git a few months ago, Tower has been my god-send for making it so much easier. I don't mind CLI Git but when it comes to files and folder structures, I'm way more visual. Also, if you haven't learned Git yet, definitely check out their online book (love the illustrations they made too!)
    • Desktop Server: Great server for local Wordpress development that runs on top of XAMPP. I also use MAMP, but Desktop Server is so much quicker to spin up or import a dev environment. Also has easy publishing to live servers so I'll usually publish the master branch from our git repo right from my laptop.
    • Hype: My go to tool for making web animations. Really easy to work with. Coming from Flash, it felt the most familiar out of all the animation apps I tried.
    • Plex: We've got 3 little kids at home. And we LOVE movies. So Plex is our central media server where we keep all the movies we love. It's been an amazing way for us to watch our own movies on demand from our internal network. Also, the Plex Pass is worth the price just to be able to run it on XBox / Playstation and from your phone as a remote control! Works seamlessly with Chromecast too! But that's not all it does: also stores our family photos, so something like our wedding 12 years ago is a click away for the kids to checkout (which they do often)!
    • OmniDiskSweeper: I seem to accumulate lots of files on my computer, so this app has been great for the past few years helping me see where everything is being stored and then either deleting or saving to a backup disk.
    • Sequel Pro: MySQL Administration with PHPMyAdmin is such a drag. This app makes it a super freaking breeze! I can confirm it works great with Rackspace, DigitalOcean, Cloudways, and WPEngine servers.
    • Todoist: Been using this for a few months now to handle my task management. In the past month, I've really been humming at it - works phenominally with my personal setup. Have it on my phone and in Gmail on Chrome as well. The app is built on top of the GTD Methodology but I use it with a mix of FranklinCovey and the Pomodoro Technique as well to stay on track.

    Menu Bar Apps

    • Dash: Puts all of the documentation you'd need just a click away! And works offline! Holds all my manuals for PHP, Wordpress, Laravel, JQuery, FontAwesome, Bootstrap, and more.
    • ExpanDrive: Mount SFTP, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, etc as local drives.
    • TotalTerminal: An add-on for Terminal that lets you customize it a bit more and also provides the terminal as an old school dropdown visor!
    • Tomighty: Super simple pomodoro timer. I swear by this being the #1 catalyst in improving my productivity in the past month.
    • MemoryDiag: Great tool to show how well your RAM is doing, flush it if you want, and fun to look at!
    • TunnelBear: I got hacked a few years back at a coffee shop in NYC, so I take security very seriously when out and about. This app is a VPN and keeps my wifi connection secure (as secure as it can at least). Best of all, tweet about them once a month and get a free GB of bandwidth transfer!
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