Ask DN: Where to get design feedback?

6 years ago from Eshan Chordia, Front-End Engineer at Adaptive

  • Julian LloydJulian Lloyd, 6 years ago

    Hey Eshan,

    I’m actually working on a software project that’s dear to my heart; it’s all about helping creatives organize, collaborate and share the side projects they’re most excited about… something more than just show and tell.

    Might you be interested in helping me test it?

    It’s still a few months from launch, but I’m actively seeking passionate creatives looking to help build a better way to collaborate online.

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    • Kevin RabinovichKevin Rabinovich, 6 years ago

      I'm interested in testing it.

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      • Julian LloydJulian Lloyd, 6 years ago

        I appreciate the interest!! I’ve added you to an Evernote list of early adopters. When I have something (in the next few weeks), I will gladly send you details!

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