How I (A Designer) finally learned Rails(

almost 7 years ago from Mackenzie Child, I’m a designer & developer. I have a passion for making things & teaching others how to do the same.

  • Jack CallisterJack Callister, almost 7 years ago

    Well done - this is such an impressive effort with an obvious pay off! Is back end development something you want to move more towards or is this more of a learning exercise for building your own software?

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    • Mackenzie Child, almost 7 years ago

      The end goal is to be able to build my own stuff... But I plan on getting damn good at back-end development :)

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      • Jack CallisterJack Callister, almost 7 years ago

        From the outside it looks like you are in a good position to extend yourself into an adjacent field. Having clearly gained design and front end skills it's the right time to do so.

        I once made the mistake of switching to back end development after finishing a bachelors of design. I hadn't practiced enough and subsequently didn't learn much about designing UI's.

        After seeing the effort and result you've got here, I think I'm ready to dive back in. Cheers for that. Heck, I might even try the course out. Would probably learn a thing or two since it's from another perspective.

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