What is your favorite brand of coffee?

almost 6 years ago from Julian Lengfelder, Project & Studiomanagement @yccpgroup + Freelance Front End Designer

  • Ben RegaliBen Regali, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    It's not about brand per se. If you live in a bigger city or near a metropolitan area just find a coffee shop, that does the roasting in house. Nothing beats freshly roasted coffee.

    Here in Munich we have Vits and Fausto among other smaller ones. Both make very good coffee for what ever kind of coffee making you prefer. They also sell online if you prefer to order.

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    • Julian Lengfelder, almost 6 years ago

      Ha awesome, I am living in Munich myself. I have never been to Fausto, but Vits are brewing some great coffee.

      Yeah you are right. It is not only about brand. But I really love brewing my own coffee at home, so it is nice to see which brands others like. Just to try them out myself :)

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