When and How do you play?

almost 6 years ago from Annie Ruygt, Illustrator/Designer

  • Alex BAlex B, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    I don't have set schedules for personal projects however I do spend a day or two when I feel inspired every couple of months on projects that interest me. I don't focus on completion but rather the tasks themselves, as I know from experience that I rarely complete personal projects and that leads to disappointment.

    Focusing on what I want to get out of doing personal projects has been really helpful for me. I want to feel fulfilled or creative or inspired, but the end result is often less important to me. Hackathons or other social events have been enjoyable to spend a day creating and brainstorming but without long term concerns or responsibilities.

    It's important for me to be dedicated during the work day on projects and research for my day job, then spend remaining hours on non work tasks, self care, gaming, socialising, resting.

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