When and How do you play?

almost 6 years ago from Annie Ruygt, Illustrator/Designer

  • Sebastian SellingSebastian Selling, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    As much as I love working with design (motion graphics, UI/UX, web-design, interior design, fashion - you name it!), I have a lot of rather big interests, close to passions, in my life. And I try to make room for all of them, not all at once, more like every now and then.

    Sometimes I play competitively in FPS games (CS, BF for those who care ;) ). Sometimes I'm deep down in the stockmarket trading stocks, following the news like a hawk. (Then again, stocks is an every day thing too)

    But I always fall back into design seeing as it's my biggest passion in life - and I do it every single day, either in thought or producing something.

    Much like Chris Wiggins I am one of the founders of our startup so naturally my waking hours are usually spent thinking about it, working on it or talking about it.

    But gaming and finance shall always have a place in my life, it gives me fresh perspectives and most important: It's fun!

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