When and How do you play?

almost 6 years ago from Annie Ruygt, Illustrator/Designer

  • Chris Wiggins, almost 6 years ago

    I work on personal projects almost every day. I'm employee #3 at a startup of 5, so I work as much as possible on our product. I'll usually be at the office for 9-10 hours, then come home for dinner and work on my side projects for a few hours before I call it a night. Saturdays are my party days/nights, and Sunday is coding infront of the TV watching football and recovering.

    From an outside perspective, it's working around the clock. But I love what I do, and no one has become successful by towing the line.

    Disclaimer: I'm in my mid-late 20s and have sacrificed relationships and social obligation to be fairly commitment-free in order to pursue my interests. Everyone has their own path in mind.

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