• Cameron MollCameron Moll, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    While I agree to a (very) small extent, I find Medium's authoring tools to be incredibly powerful for writing, even beyond Medium. (I'm doing that right now, in fact, for an article that will be published on 24 ways, not Medium.) I enjoy writing with Medium more than any other app I've tried, native or web.

    And not to derail the original topic, but Medium's greatest business asset is not its content nor its community, but its authoring tools. I'll be first in line if/when they license these tools to other publishing platforms.

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    • Greg Storey, almost 9 years ago

      Interesting, I would never have considered using Medium as only a writing tool (as opposed to writing and publishing). Many of the tools Medium provides relate to formatting, how does that carry over to other application?

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      • Cameron MollCameron Moll, almost 9 years ago

        Cumbersomely, sadly. But it's the act of writing with Medium that I enjoy best. I totally get the argument that writing, at its core, should be devoid of styling and formatting. But I don't totally buy it, either.

        There's something to be said of the clarity that comes to one's writing when one can see italicizing, headlines, text formatted as links instead of bulky URLs printed in the open, and so forth.

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